Restricting Access & Changing the Status of your Survey

If you wish to restrict various aspects of your survey (the number of respondents who participate, the number of responses, the dates the survey can be taken, etc), there are several great ways to create these options.

First, you can restrict access to the survey simply by going into…

Publish > Settings > Access Restrictions > Choose one of the following:

With the Enterprise account you also have the advanced options of adding Quotas and Deadlines to your survey…

Publish > Settings > Quotas & Deadlines

Here you can add the number of total responses or number of completed responses that are accepted in your survey (ex. If you set the quota to 100 responses, 100 people have already taken the survey, the next person who tries to access it will get an error message saying the survey is either not live or not available.

Setting a start and end date is another helpful feature in this case, allowing the survey creator to add these is and then not have to worry about opening or closing the survey on a specified date, as it will be done automatically once these changes have been saved.

Changing the status of a survey…


You have set the publishing settings on your survey so that the respondent cannot go back in and edit their answers after they have completed the survey, and they contact you because they realize that they have input the wrong information into a few questions that they would like to change. You, as the survey creator, can go into the Analyze > Response section of the editor, right click on the response from that specific individual and choose “Change Response Status” making it incomplete. The user will then be able to go back to their e-mail link and modify the necessary questions!

If you want more explanations, just come on over to our video tutorials page!

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