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Storing your survey data in a safe place and making it easily accessible to team members is an important consideration for any individual or organization undertaking serious research. Here at FluidSurveys, we want to make this process as simple as possible. So we thought inside the box and created the Box integration! With Box, you can store, sort, and share survey data safely in the cloud.


Who Can Use This Integration?

All FluidSurveys’ customers with a Box account can use this integration. You can sign up for a free Box account here, and try out the integration today!


About the Box Integration

This integration will allow you to automatically store survey data in your Box account. This relieves the burden of downloading, categorizing, and sharing data in a timely manner.

Here are the functionalities that are possible with this integration:

  • Store respondent files that have been uploaded to your survey or form.
  • Store completed responses to your survey.


How to Setup the Box Integration in Your Account


1.1. To connect your FluidSurveys account to your Box account, first look for the “Tools” drop-down on the toolbar in your FluidSurveys account. Once selected, you will see various options including one called “Integrations”. Click on this option and you will be taken to the Integrations section.




1.2. Under the Integration section, you will see a list of all previous integrations you’ve set up. Here, you will also see the opportunity to add a “New Integration”. After clicking this option, a list of all available FluidSurveys’ integrations will appear. Choose the Box integration.



1.3. Next, a dialogue will prompt you to enter in your Box account information. You will then have to confirm you give access to FluidSurveys to read and write files, and manage an enterprise.  By doing this, you’re allowing the two applications to talk to each other so that when activity occurs in one, events can fire in another.



1.4. Your accounts are now connected! But before we set up the automation, let’s select the folders that we want the survey responses and the respondent files to be stored in. The default name of the folder files will be “fs_responses”. You may enter in folder names that have already been created in Box, or you may create a new folder by entering in a new name (be sure to use underscores between text and do not enter in blank spaces).





2.1. Head over to the Automations section. You will find this located on the left panel under Integrations. In Automations, you will see a list of all the previous automations you have set up. Click on “New Automations” to get started.

In this example, I will be building an automation that will automatically store grant application form responses and resumes in FluidSurveys.



2.2. You can now begin setting up your automation. In the events section, I choose “Response Completed” in the drop down button beside “FluidSurveys” and ensure that the correct survey/form is selected in the drop box directly below it. In this case we make sure the button reads “Grant Application”. This sets my automation to be triggered when there is a completed response in my Grant Application form.



2.3. However, let’s say I have a few more requirements to be eligible for my grant. If this is the case, I don’t want just any completed response to be uploaded to the folder in Box. In this example, I’m only interested in uploading responses that have a GPA of at least 2, because any applicant with a lower GPA cannot be considered for the grant. I also want this folder to be for applicants from Canada only, because my review and selection process is dependent on the applicant’s location. As you can see from this section, you’re able to filter responses based on questions in the form (What’s your GPA?) and other variables (location).



2.4. The last thing we have to set up is “Actions”. The “Actions” section describes what we want to occur when a respondent meets the conditions we have just created. In this case, we want Box to store the content from the Grant Application right away (as oppose to there being a delay of a couple of days before the information is stored).

For the configuration mapping, we want the Grant Application form responses to be stored as a CSV file in the folder specified. For the uploaded resumes, we want those stored in another folder as a PDF.



2.5. Now for the best part: making your automation live. At the top of the automation we just created, click on the grey toggle that says “off” to “on”. You’ll also notice the “Save” button, and “Actions”, which allows you to duplicate, cancel or delete the automation.




Our form is now ready to start automatically pushing completed responses and respondent files to Box as soon as they come in. Box securely stores the data, and the role management features mean I can give access to the completed files to certain team members. Plus, with Box I can store large multimedia files easily without any burden on my computer or system.

If you have any questions about this integration, contact our support team at

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