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As you FluidSurveys users already know, we have the awesome capability to score questions – essentially giving responses a numerical value – and sum up the totals in the Analytics section. Now, we have added another cool new capability to this function, where you have the option to review scoring sums from specific questions in the survey instead of the entire thing.

How To…
– Go into the Analyze section of the survey once some or all of your responses have been submitted > click on Reports > create a New Report
– In the top left hand side of the editor, you can click on Edit Report
– Here you can change the Type of report to Aggregate Stats

Within Aggregate Stats you can change things like…
-the header/title of the question type
-the data source: which questions from the survey are being used in the sum
-the functions: choose the sum, the mean, the variance – or all 3! Also, as a bonus, this function will automatically give you average values at the bottom of the table
-other options: you can choose the precision of the decimal places that will show up in the report

You may find this helpful if, for example:
You have created a quiz for your students to take online which you have broken up into sections based on the learning material. Now, all of the sections have a different weighted score, therefore, you will need to add up to sums of each section before getting the total score of the quiz. With the aggregate stats function, you will be able to accomplish this sort of separate scoring, along with anything else you may want to have separate scoring for!

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Aydin Mirzaee

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1 Comment

  • Urs Buob says:

    Above you say: “Also, as a bonus, this function will automatically give you average values at the bottom of the table”

    Can I remove this “bonus” of average values if I do not want it?

    Also, how is the “mean” value calculated if I use it on a “checkbox” question where the user can tick multiple boxes. I would assume that the score of this different checkboxes is added for each user and the mean is then the average of the score for the different users.

    E.g. user A chooses a single checkbox with a score of 2; user B chooses two checkboxes where one has a score of 5 and the other one a score of 7. => A has a score of 2, B a score of 5 + 7 = 12

    So, the mean value for this question should be (2 + 12 )/ 2

    I seem to be getting different results.