Survey Name, Survey Title, Survey URL, and more…

Some customers have recently been asking what the difference is between the survey title and the survey name so we’ll go ahead and explain that today…

When you first create a survey, you are asked to supply a “name” for your survey. This “name” is included in the URL of your survey.

Once you have created your survey, we automatically assign a title to it. By default we set your title to the “name” of the survey.

Changing the title of your survey is easy, just go to the “Survey Options” tab.

Changing the “name” of your survey will give you the opportunity to call it something as relevant as possible so that when you search for it later on using the search bar, you can find it easily

Word of Caution: When you “rename” the survey, the URL of the survey does not change… The only way to change the URL of the survey is to either assign it a “Pretty URL” (available in the Ultra+ plans) or by duplicating the survey and assigning it a new name then. In other words, the URL of the survey is determined upon creation and the only way to change it is by setting pretty URLS.

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