FluidSurveys as a Planning Tool

Knowing the ins and outs of your own business or workplace can have a strong impact on how it functions as a whole. Realizing that some things should be changed is a preventative measure to ensure they do not cause a problem.

One example of using FluidSurveys as a planning tool would be using it to figure out what things you want to change in your HR Strategy going forward… In order to to this, you might ask questions such as…

 How happy are your employees?
 Do they feel appreciated in their work?
 Are they comfortable with the work hours?
 Are they reaching their full potential?

Are the decisions you’re making having an impact on things like:

  • your employee turnover rate;
  • the productivity level of your business;
  • or the interactions between members of your workforce?

Useful Question Types:

Basic Question Types
1) Multiple Choice Grid – having one or more than one variable that the respondent can answer based upon a scale (satisfaction, happiness, numbered scale ex. 1-5). This will also only allow the respondent to choose one response per variable.
2) Checkbox Grid – This works essentially the same as the multiple choice grid, as you are able to choose the amount of variables and choices, however this option will allow the respondent to choose more than one answer per variable on the grid.

**Remember that there are preset options in the bulk interface that you can choose for your questions instead of typing them all out yourself!

Advanced Question Types
3) Semantic Differential Question – This will be an option where you can have the question scaled, but this time in between two polar opposite options like great/terrible, satisfied/unsatisfied, or efficient/inefficient.

*semantic differential scale available with Enterprise plan

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