Time to take it to Another Level! Introducing Triggers

Hey gang!  Do you have your trigger fingers ready?  No, not Dirty Harry trigger finger, but we should all feel pretty lucky, because here at FluidSurveys we are  proud to unveil our brand new Trigger feature!

The Trigger feature is a perfect way for users to create a fully automated, hands-off email system that works in conjunction with their surveys.  Basically, Triggers can be used to automatically send emails to respondents once they have either viewed or completed a specific survey.  With this new tool, users will be able to set up their surveys to provide thank you or inquiry emails to respondents without needing to complete any manual work.

How to get Started!

We know you are all extremely excited to get started deploying your Triggers, so let me walk you through it!  First, click the ‘Publish’ drop arrow (1) and find the ‘Triggers’ button (2) listed.  This will lead you to the Triggers Page.

How to access the new Triggers Feature

Once you reach the Trigger Page, you will be able to create as many triggers for your surveys as you see fit.
(1) The ‘Add Trigger’ button allows you to create new triggers, just by clicking it and ‘FluidSurveys’ (You will notice ‘FreshBooks’ and ‘Manual’ as well on the drop list, don’t worry we will discuss these options next week).
(2) After creating triggers, they will be listed in the box below so that they can be selected.
(3) When selecting a previously created trigger one can use the ‘Actions’ button to carry out many different tasks.  Two of the more interesting options are ‘Enable Trigger’ and ‘Disable Trigger,’ which allow you to turn off and on your triggers instantaneously.

Trigger Buttons

So now that we know how to organize and manage our triggers, let me show you how to customize them to do exactly what you want!

(1) The ‘Survey’ drop down specifies which survey you would like to assign the trigger to.
(2) Currently, you can set the ‘Event’ to either ‘Survey is Completed’ or ‘Survey is Viewed.’  The option you select will dictate the trigger for your email being sent.
(3) ‘Delay’ describes the length of time the trigger will wait until sending the respondent the email.  The rest of the trigger page is in normal email format and can be edited at any time through the ‘Actions’ button.

Trigger Options

Now you’re an expert with our brand new trigger feature!   So what are you waiting for? You’re ready to get started creating your own triggers!

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