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Being able to deliver online surveys around the world can bring a host of new challenges. One of these challenges is language barriers – someone who doesn’t speak the survey language wouldn’t be able to respond. FluidSurveys already allows for the translation of all aspects of your survey – the questions, buttons, errors and warnings. However, you have to translate your questions in the editor, and the buttons on the settings page, and you have to switch between languages each time you need to translate something. We’ve devised a solution to this slow workflow: Mass Survey Translation.


You have two options for translating the survey to different languages: you can either download a single language translation file for translations to that language, or a zip file containing all of the translation files for each language you’ve selected for your survey! The single language translation file you download is dependent on the “Translations For:” dropdown box, shown in the screenshot above.

Once you have downloaded your translation file, you can open it up and begin translating. The file is a simple text file, in the format shown below:

the line “msgid” will show the phrase in the default survey language, while “msgstr” will be the phrase you translate. If any translations already exist in your survey, they will be populated here accordingly. If the phrase hasn’t yet been translated, the default language will show up in its place.

Once you have populated this file with your translations, you can upload it back into FluidSurveys. You can do this with a single translation file, or a zipped group of translation files. To do this, simply click the upload button, choose the translation file you wish to upload, and click upload in the dialog:

Once you click upload, the translations for the given language will now be present in your survey. To confirm that the process was successful, you can use the language dropdown in the editor to switch languages and see your changes.It’s as easy as that. Translate your whole survey (buttons, error messages, validation messages, question text), all at once, through one convenient text file.

Learn how to use the mass translate tool in this video.


Note – This feature is available only to users of the Enterprise Plan.


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