How to Automate Emails Based on External Web Events (from FreshBooks and More!)

Hello again fellow survey gurus!  We hope you all had a lot of fun playing with our new trigger feature.  If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, take a look at last week’s blog through this link:

Now that everyone knows how triggers work, we thought it would be a good idea to give a couple examples of how to take full advantage of the trigger tool.  Also, as promised we will discuss how to use triggers with the ‘FreshBooks’ and ‘Manual’ options.

Using Triggers

So we know that FluidSurveys triggers will allow us to automatically send pre-made emails to respondents who have viewed or completed an online survey, but how is this useful?  Well here are just a couple examples of how triggers can make your life easier while making your research project more professional:

One very cool way to utilize the trigger feature would be to email a reward directly to the respondents after they have completed their survey.  Say I owned a coffee shop and used a free drink as an incentive for customers to fill out my online survey.  I would customize a trigger to send an email to all respondents that complete my survey, and included in each email would be a coupon for their free cup of joe!

Triggers can also be used to provide information to respondents on the topics they have just discussed in your survey.  For example, say I was measuring public awareness of diabetes. After quizzing my respondents, I may want to follow up the survey by educating them about the disease.  If this were the case, I would simply create a trigger to send an email to all my respondents with links to important information on diabetes.

These two examples may show the versatility that triggers have to offer us FluidSurveys users, but they only begin to scratch the surface when it comes to the different opportunities to effectively use the tool in a project!  So don’t be shy to find a way to benefit from triggers in your next survey!


Another awesome feature with FluidSurveys triggers is the FreshBooks and manual options.  These can be used by selecting either the ‘FreshBooks’ or ‘Manual’ buttons from the drop down menu after clicking the ‘Add Trigger.’ Add New Trigger Button

The FreshBooks trigger feature is a great tool that allows users who have both a FluidSurveys and FreshBooks account to make events dictate whether a trigger is sent from FluidSurveys.  As you can see below, instead of the triggers being created based on a particular survey, they are created based on the recipient being either a client or staff member.  Furthermore, the action that sends the email will be based on an event that recipient initiates in FreshBooks as shown in the drop list under the ‘Event’ category.

FreshBooks Trigger

With this trigger feature, account owners of FreshBooks are able to use FluidSurveys in order to more easily and consistently contact their clients and staff!


You may be asking yourself, “what about setting triggers for applications other than FreshBooks?” Introducing the ‘Manual’ option! By using the ‘Manual’ option, users can program in their own trigger conditions to go with their own website.  This option is meant for users with experience in programming as you have to develop your own coding to integrate your website with FluidSurveys.  If you can do that then all you need from FluidSurveys is the following instructions:

1)      Create your manual trigger by clicking the ‘Manual’ button from the ‘Add Trigger’ drop down box and writing your desired message.

2)      After saving your trigger, select it from your triggers list and click ‘Actions.’  Click on ‘Get Trigger URL’ from the resulting list, as shown below.

Get Trigger URL

This will make a pop-up appear that will reveal the Trigger URL and the ‘Manual Trigger Key.’  This information is all you need to start programming your own triggers.

Manual Trigger Pop-up

There you have it! I hope you all have fun taking advantage of this new feature!

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