Upcoming Webinar: Superpower your surveys with Zapier!

Update: The webinar has aired. To view the recording, please click here!

Would you like to know how to easily integrate FluidSurveys with the other web apps you use every day? Apps like Zendesk, Freshbooks, Salesforce, Gmail, Asana, Dropbox and Mailchimp? Good news! Danny Schreiber from Zapier.com will be joining us on Tuesday, April 29th at 1 PM EST for an exclusive webinar to show you how to do exactly this with the click of a button!

Zapier connects the web apps you use to easily move your data and automated tedious tasks. In simpler terms, Zapier makes apps work together.

What does this mean for you? Well, you could easily use Zapier to automatically trigger actions within your other apps based on survey responses that you receive. So, for example, you could automatically create a Zendesk ticket for your support staff when a negative response comes in to your customer satisfaction survey. Or you could create a new lead in Salesforce when a potential customer fills out your form. Or you could automatically send a customer a thank you email from Mailchimp after they complete your market research survey. The options are endless!

And the best part of it all? You don’t need to have any technical or development knowledge to to do any of it. Zapier makes it that easy. You just choose the apps you’d like to work together, specify what you’d like them to do, and away you go.

Join us for the webinar on April 29th to learn more as we take you through a quick tutorial, some powerful use cases and answer all of your questions.

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