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Blog Category: Guest Posts

It’s All About the Data

This is a Guest Post by Screaming Garlic, Inc. It all began with a simple request via postcard sent to our client’s customers, to take a short online survey. It concluded with the refinement and re-direction of this fitness equipment…

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Making Your Opinion Count – Guest Post

When many people think of market research, they think "polling" and about those supper-time telephone calls. However, it is much more than that. Yes, it includes polling, and it can include telephone calls at supper-time. However, many do not distinguish between market research and telemarketing, but they are very different. Telemarketing is sales, and that's the only goal of the person speaking to you on the phone. Market research interviewers are after nothing more than your opinion. Your telephone number was likely randomly generated to be a representative of the general population or some segment within the population. You get to provide your opinion to influence businesses and other organizations in their decision-making. I am "in the business," so I may be a bit biased, but I've always viewed this as a privilege to have my opinion count toward helping an organization better serve the market.