Let Departments Manage Themselves

In version 5.1, we've introduced the concept of "divisions" to make it possible for departments in your organization to manage their own users and permissions. This will significantly speed up collaboration and increase your multi-user account's organization.

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Allocate Resources by Division

Empower divisions with the resources they need to work effectively. For example, provide departments in your organization with a portion of your survey invite quota, and let them distribute invites to their users as they see fit.

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Increase Site Security with Two-Factor Authentication

Protect your FluidSurveys account by enabling a two-step login process with Google Authenticate or Authy for your users. This time-limited authentication will ensure only you can access your sensitive data.

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Download Surveys for Backup or Sharing

Work with your team by downloading your surveys and effortlessly importing it into another FluidSurveys account. Plus, use this same data format to backup your survey.

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Watch the Stay Organized & Collaborate with New Admin Controls Webinar

See the new admin features up close and personal by checking out our informative webinar. Learn how your organization can work more efficiently together!

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