Improve Survey Navigation with a Table of Contents

With a clear survey outline in place, respondents will stay engaged and can easily jump to sections of your survey that are relevant to them. This feature is perfect for longer, non-sequential surveys or for surveys that require multiple people to complete.

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Increase Authority & Reduce Drop-outs with Footers

In addition to headers, now you can also add footers to all survey pages. Increase credibility by adding your branding, and decrease survey drop-outs by including the researcher’s contact information on every page.

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Modify Next/Previous Button Text on a Per-page Basis

Make traversing through your survey even more straightforward by modifying the text for next/previous buttons on specific pages as opposed to across the entire survey.

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Set Time Tracking and Constraints with New Timer Options

Learn more about how much time your respondents take to complete pages of your survey, or enforce time-related constraints to replicate real-world test situations.

Ideal for: Educators, workplace training administrators and public awareness researchers

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