Improve Site Usability with the Image Heat Map Question Type

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of interface mock-ups before you deploy them. See what parts of the interface draws the most attention and why. Unlike traditional heat maps, FluidSurveys lets you easily ask follow-up questions to understand what makes a great design for your users.

Ideal for: UI/UX Researchers, Web Developers, and Product Owners.

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Pick the Right Concept with the Image Hot Spot Question

Bring the customer's voice into branding decisions, advertisements, or product designs. This question makes it easy for respondents to like or dislike concepts, and for you to confidently move forward with the right one. Plus, this question type can also be used to test students on geography, anatomy, and foreign languages.

Ideal for: Advertisers, Graphic Designers, Product Designers, and Teachers.

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Dynamically Import External Data into Your Survey with the Web Service Question

Dynamically import data from website RSS feeds or your external database into survey questions. Incorporate the latest news articles to effortlessly collect feedback on time-sensitive questions. Plus, add data from company databases to personalize your survey to respondents.

Ideal for: Institutions and organizations with customer or employee external databases; or researchers collecting data on current events.

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Categorize Responses with the Group/Rank Question

Find out not only how your respondents would categorize items, but how they would prioritize the items in that list. This question makes sorting activities engaging and interactive for respondents to answer.

Ideal for: Researchers, Information Architects, or any organization interested in competitive intelligence analysis, product ranking, and measuring importance of product features.

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Find Your Customers Prefered Choice with the Max. Differential Scale

Give respondents an easy way to choose their preferences, while capturing more accurate results by limiting the question scope. This question is great for uncovering customer insights to help you prioritize your strategies and goals more effectively.

Ideal for: Product developers looking to identify top features. Brand managers looking to narrow down characteristics that reflect their brand. Marketing researchers looking for general insight into preferences and behaviour.

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Ready to see the new question types up close and personal? Check out this informative webinar where we go over use cases and functionality.

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