FluidSurveys 5.1

New and improved features to make your surveys even better.

See What's New

See What's New

New Question Types

Collecting actionable insight is easy when you ask the right questions. See how the new image heat map, image hot spot, max differential scale, or group/rank questions will enhance your research and feedback needs.

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New Testing Suite

Making sure respondents can access your survey and formatting your questions for useful data analysis is half the battle in preparing to launch your survey. The new testing suite generates responses and tests for accessibility and compatibility so you can safeguard your survey.

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New Report Options

We’ve created multi-survey reporting so you can easily compare your surveys with one another to find even more valuable insight. In addition, use new visual charts and reporting options to draw conclusions that will make an impact on your business.

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New Survey Options

Improve your survey's navigation with a table of contents, footer, and page-specific next/previous button modifications. These features will reduce dropout rates and increase engagement with all your respondents!

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New Admin Controls

Work with your organization more efficiently. Save time by creating divisions for each department or group, and let them manage their own users and allocated resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common software release questions. We’re happy to answer any others that you have, just contact us.

I'm so excited for this version! When can I expect to get access to it?

The launch date for version 5.1 is October 28nd 2014. Depending on your plan with us, you may or may not have access to all the new features. Please visit the feature table to see what you have access to.

These features are so great, does it cost extra to get access to them?

We make it a habit to regularly release new software versions jam packed with features. While some of these new features will be made available in certain plan types only, it will not cost extra nor will our pricing change.

I really love the current version of FluidSurveys, can I stay on it?

We're thrilled to hear how much you love the current version of FluidSurveys. The great news is that the interface is by-and-large staying the same. With the new release, you’ll be able to continue working as you did before with even more powerful features at your disposal.

I have a white label plan, what does this mean for me?

White label enterprise plan holders will be getting version 5.1 after October 28th. Please stay tuned for an email from us with more information.

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