Guidelines for List Compliance

By importing a contact, you are agreeing that your contact list meets the anti-spam legislation of your country and your potential respondents.

Here are some quick examples of what is Okay and Not Okay.

Your list is Okay if:

  • People have opted into your list from your website.
  • People have opted into your list offline.
  • You’re contacting internal employees.
  • People who purchased your product or attended your event opted in to receive emails from you.
  • You’re sending on behalf of your customer, and they comply with the above.

For best practices, your emails should:

  • Clearly state who the emails are coming from
  • Have a clear unsubscribe option

Your list is Not Okay* if:

  • You have purchased or rented a list from a third party.
  • You have scraped a list (either manually or automatically) from an online source.
  • You contact people who may given you their information, but HAVE NOT opted in to receive emails from you.

*FluidSurveys reserves the right to remove your access to our email tool if your list is Not Okay.

According to most legislation, the onus is on you to know the anti-spam policies that apply to your subscribers. Learn more about CAN-SPAM and CASL, which are the anti-spam policies for the USA and Canada.

If you have any questions about these guidelines or your list, please contact us.

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