How to make online surveys

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How to make online surveys

There are a number of steps in the process of making an online survey. Most importantly, your survey should have a purpose or a topic. Once you have determined the purpose of your survey, develop your questions while making sure that they become increasingly in-depth as the respondent moves through the survey. The less complicated questions should be first because they will get the respondent’s thought process working on the topic gradually as opposed to overwhelming them from the beginning. Be sure that you are asking questions as they relate to your topic, secondary questions unrelated to the topic should not be included – they call for a second and separate survey…. i.e. focus!

Once you have created your survey and used the FluidSurveys themer to customize the look and feel; you should create your own custom URL on the Publish page. Working with the e-mail contacts you already have and using our invite tool, you can import your contacts and add a personalized message to your survey invite. Can’t get any easier! 🙂

Try out a sample survey:

Watch a video tutorial on how to make online surveys:

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