Pollution Prevention Control Plan Update Study


The Pollution Prevention Control Plan (PPCP) Update Study team requests your help. The City of Niagara Falls is committed to providing high quality public services to its residents. As part of the public consultation process for the Pollution Prevention Control Plan (PPCP) Update Study, the City would like feedback from its customers on their level of satisfaction with the wastewater collection system. The City of Niagara Falls collects wastewater from its customers through the sanitary sewer network. The City also bills customers for the water they consume and therefore the wastewater they contribute to the system. The wastewater is treated at the Niagara Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant which is operated by the Region of Niagara. Please take a few minutes to complete the following Customer Input Survey. Your input will help us to understand what we are doing right and where improvements are needed to the wastewater system.

Property Address
Question 1 How long have you been a resident of Niagara Falls?
Question 2 How would you describe the nature of your interest in this study?
Question 3 What is your overall impression of wastewater collection services provided by the City of Niagara Falls Municipal Works Department?
Question 4 Have you experienced basement flooding problems on your property?
Question 5 How many times have you experienced basement flooding?
Question 6 Tell us how concerned you are with each of the following possible wastewater collection system issues:
Very ConcernedConcernedSlightly ConcernedNot Concerned at all
Question 7 The City’s municipal works department plans investments each year to maintain and improve the wastewater system. Consider the different objectives of these investments that are shown below and tell us what importance or priority you would give each:
Low PriorityNeutralHigh Priority
Question 8 The City has a Weeping-tile Removal Assistance Program (WRAP) which offers financial incentives to households to disconnect weeping tile connections to the sewers. This helps to reduce basement flooding, sewage overflows to the environment and treatment costs.
Question 9 What is the best way to communicate information with you?
Please provide any additional comments and/or feedback you feel is appropriate.
Question 11 Please provide your contact information (optional):