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This event will be added to Sudbury Tourism online public event calendar using the information in this section (event name, dates, category, location, address, event website and logo). Please ensure all information is complete and accurate. If you do not wish for your event to appear in a public calendar, please notify us at .

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Please provide a description suitable for the public, including time, cost, age recommendation, dress code, where to purchase tickets, where to find more information, etc. as appropriate.

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Please enter any extra details regarding hotel room blocks or usage, including any other hotels used.

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Support request


Are you interested in receiving complimentary Sudbury Tourism Visitor Guides, maps, pens, bags and/or pins (if available, while quantities last)?

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Are Sudbury Tourism representatives permitted to survey participants/spectators onsite at the event?

Results will be shared with the host organization. Aggregated results will be used for sector research.

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