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  • “Not only has FluidSurveys been great for all of our surveys, but it has come in handy in many unforeseen ways. We use it to gauge customer satisfaction, retrieve important information from our customers and keep a record of services that we provide. FluidSurveys is a powerful survey tool and we’re happy campers!”

    Testimonial - Josh FruhmanJosh Fruhman, Head of Deployment, Breadcrumb by Groupon
  • “I wanted to commend your organization on the stellar job your team provides on a customer service point of view. I was a Help Desk Manager in a previous life and would be proud to represent such a great team. Kudos to you and your team.”

    C. Griecken, Forest Products Sector Council
  • “Your survey system beats every other that I tested in speed, easiness, and quality. FluidSurveys cut hours of work out. It took only minutes to design, and within a few days I had enough survey responses.”

    Brad Dalgleish, IT Consultant
  • “I love your survey software. I’ve used multiple vendors and yours is by far, the easiest. I was able to create my survey in no time.”

    Lynn Salatti
  • “Now that I am using FluidSurveys I couldn’t be happier with the support provided. I absolutely love the many different ways you can export your results…I am very much looking forward to creating more surveys using FluidSurveys.”

    Pam Fergusson, Lanark Health and Community Services
  • “Thank you also for your great responsiveness and for your excellent product and service.”

    Jody Wolfe, M.A., University of Alberta
  • “Thanks for all your help – you’ve been brilliant! I will certainly recommend FluidSurveys to anybody!”

    S.G. Butler, University of WarWick
  • “I worked on a techline and so I know from personal experience that your assistance has been above and beyond expectations. Thxs very much.”

    Prof. R. Reagans, MIT Sloan School of Mgmt
  • “The feedback from your service has been very positive from my Committee Chair and the IRB reviewers. They’ve responded how much they like the look and feel of your survey’s front end. My Committee Chair, who has been reviewing thesis submissions for years, was impressed by your analytical, data handling, and publishing tools. I think he may be a customer before too long. Thank you for this great tool.”

    D. McCarter, Cal Poly Pomona
  • “I used FluidSurveys as a teaching and learning tool within my introductory research methods course in Geography at Carleton University. FluidSurveys was an excellent tool for students to use in this early stage of their research methods learning, was user-friendly, and the company provided tremendous support for my students and teaching assistants. I want to express my sincere thanks for your support with FluidSurveys. Given our positive experience this year, I intend to make this software a regular part of my course.”

    G.J. Laider, Assistant Professor, Carleton University
  • “The FluidSurveys tool just makes it so darn easy!”

    Dave Crain, Director, MAGNET
  • “Thank you for your prompt response. Very much appreciated. Will definitely go to Fluid Survey should the need arise again in future. Very pleased with service and outcome.”

    L. Quenneville, Hôpital Glengarry Memorial Hospital
  • “I found the set up of the survey to be very user friendly and whenever I hit a road block the tutorials solved the problem. I did have one occasion to request assistance from the help desk and received an answer (which solved my problem) within about 15 minutes. Again, very impressive.”

    L. McDonald, COO, Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada
  • “FluidSurveys is awesome. Their drag and drop interface is very streamlined and has significantly cut down the time it takes me to create a survey. Not to mention their customer service rocks!”

    M. Pritchard, KPI Direct
  • “I’m very impressed with the survey tool you offer and how responsive you have been to any question that I have asked. Even when when I do not expect technical support to be available until the next business day your answers to questions are prompt. As one who is working full time in addition to completing a degree this kind of technical support really helps.”

    P. Janke, IT Consultant, Xplornet.com
  • “You guys are great. When I had to switch over from Survey Gizmo, I was panicked that I wouldn’t be able to get the support needed to quickly re-create my survey within the tight deadline given. I had nothing to wonder about. The FluidSurveys team that I’ve dealt with so far, Sales & especially Support, have been great beyond expectations.”

    L. Lee, Youth Science Ontario
  • “I was really impressed with the flexibility of the software to meet my needs. I found the interface to be very user-friendly and intuitive. The online tutorials were informative and the odd time I needed additional assistance, I found FluidSurveys support to be very responsive. I will most certainly be a repeat customer.”

    J. Lawrence, Principal, Agility Consulting
  • “I just discovered the new reporting function in Fluid Surveys and had to tell you that I LOVE it. I came in this morning ready to spend about an hour preparing a report from the export that it used to generate in Excel, where I would have to format all the charts and organize the free-form answers and was very pleasantly surprised that it was done for me. Awesome new function.”

    , Inside Business
  • “At the moment I’m using your survey software and its simply great, also your support as I said before in my emails!”

    J. Hofbauer, University of Westminster
  • “Your survey solution is by far the best I’ve come across. Your software is very easy to use and the site is well organized. Really looking forward to kicking out some surveys!”

    S. Heart, Spyhopping For Change Foundation
  • “Thanks again for all your help Aydin. I’ve been really happy with FluidSurveys, and will definitely be using it again!”

    S. Hetz, Medical Student
  • “By the way – these YouTube videos are brilliant [in reference to FluidSurveys Training videos]. I am such a visual learner, so to have someone show me what I need, or even how this can be used more to my advantage, is priceless.”

    H. Gegax, Gegax Evaluation and Consulting
  • “Just wanted to tell you that I am very pleased with the functionality and the customer support of FluidSurveys. Have just finished collating a significant number of reports and am happy that we moved to you from SurveyMonkey. It was a gamble for us at the time that has paid off.”

    M. Mackey, Douglas College
  • “I love, love, love this software. You are design and programming geniuses. THANK YOU! I honestly mean it. Quote away. This software anticipates every possible thing a survey designer could need. I haven’t yet found something it can’t do! Plus, the You-tube videos are really helpful.”

    J. Bowers, Associate Professor
  • “Thanks so much! We love FluidSurveys and your support is outstanding.”

    Sebastian, RLE International
  • “I want to compliment your organization on both the quality and responsiveness of your customer service. From time to time I have encountered challenges in getting the survey software to do exactly what I wanted, and each time your team has rallied to the cause, either providing me with helpful hints or modifying the underlying software architecture to meet my needs. I could not be more impressed.”

    Peter B. Reiner, Professor, National Core for Neuroethics
  • “FluidSurveys is the best. Their software is very intuitive and allows the design of innovative and flexible surveys. Their staff is very helpful and has always responsive to my questions. They have been an excellent service provider that has helped me serve my corporate clients.”

    Thomas Rancour, President, Rancour & Associates, LLC
  • “In less than one day you’ve answered all the necessary questions for a company to make a buying decision and that is DAMN impressive. We were going to go with SurveyMonkey this morning at 9 AM and by 4 PM we have decided on FluidSurveys, now THAT’S the way to run a business! Thank you for all your help, amazing customer service and I truly look forward to working with you as we move forward.”

    Dan Horn, President, Noh Limits Consulting
  • “I am not easy to impress, but these folks provide incredible service. They respond immediately to help emails, they have amazingly useful help videos, have a very intuitive survey system where they seem to have thought of almost everything, have a reasonable cost structure, and to top it off, their servers are in Canada. Wow!!!!”

    Geri Briggs, Carleton University
  • “I extend my thanks, on behalf of the Maternal and Infant Health Team at Toronto Public Health, for the great customer service and assistance you provided to my administrative assistant during her learning curve in creating and using Fluid Surveys for our evaluation purposes. The representative was patient and extremely helpful to her in completing her assignment and we are most grateful.”

    Mr. Smith, Toronto Public Health
  • “When we realized we needed access to a feature and couldn’t get there via a tablet, they engaged and got just what we needed implemented in no less than a week! Thanks to the whole team at FluidSurveys for making our experience creating surveys and recording responses as easy as possible!”

    Brett McCarter, Customer Loyalty Experience Specialist
  • “I’ve been working with your software all week to design surveys and evaluation tools for the Ontario HIV Treatment Network, and I just want to say how beautifully designed and user-friendly your programs are. Who knew that designing evaluations could be fun!”

    Mitch Harris, Coordinator, Training & Education, Ontario HIV Treatment Network
  • “I’ve been using FluidSurveys to create a survey, and have been very very impressed with it, and the level of service I have received.”

    Joseph Darin
  • “My job is about relationships, communication, and data, and FluidSurveys allows me to connect with people, get opinions, and analyze data quickly. The ability to get feedback and let people know that their voice matters is critical… it’s magic.”

    Dr. Collier, Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico's College of Education
  • “With FluidSurveys Mobile, our field workers now collect data on iPads, with or without an Internet connection, and submit it to one repository. This had made my job 4x as easy.”

    Nicole Caputo, One Touch Coordinator, Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance
  • “I’ve tried many survey tools, and FluidSurveys has a superior user friendly interface, ease of use and many complex functionalities that advanced users may need.”

    Maria Rasouli, Research Analyst and Trainer, In-TAC
  • “FluidSurveys is a cost effective, cloud based solution that was fairly easy for people to learn and help themselves. Your Helpdesk services also further reduce the demand on our staff.”

    Richard Dumala, Manager, Information Technology Services, University of Windsor
  • “I love your product, best survey tool out there bar none!”

    Ian Cohen, Environmental Specialist, Florida Power & Light
  • “I have only used FluidSurveys for a few months, but I am very pleased with this service. After searching multiple online survey sites, I found this to be the best. The online survey tool is intuitive and user friendly and the price is right. I have had to utilize the customer service twice now (due to user errors) and have received swift, friendly replies that were not too “techy.” I have already recommended this service to others and will do the same in the future!”

    Leslie Croot, Instructor and PhD Student
  • “We already started and received over 50,000 votes yesterday in the first 24 hours for our 10 Most Beautiful Women in Rockwall County contest! Amazing totals and we are so grateful and pleased with FluidSurveys! Easier to use and less expensive on a monthly basis than many others.”

    J.J. Smith, Owner/Publisher, TheRockwallNews.com
  • “A data checking activity that used to take my team three days now only takes half a day, because FluidSurveys’ analysis tool is so much more sophisticated and flexible.”

    Sam Attenborough, Co-founder, Bird Song