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A powerful, simple, intuitive survey builder.

Easily & quickly create surveys with a drag & drop editor.

The easiest way to build, distribute & analyze online surveys, forms, questionnaires & polls. There’s nothing to download, no coding or programming knowledge required… just open your browser and go. The perfect solution for customer satisfaction, market research, academic research, employee evaluations, and more!

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  • Drag 'n Drop Editor

    Build surveys quickly and easily with an intuitive, free-flowing drag & drop editor. Ali & move questions and pages around to edit on the fly, implement logic, formatting, and more.

  • Survey Skip Logic

    Create a personalized survey-taking experience for each respondent based on their answers to previous questions. Skip logic, piping, extraction and more.

  • 35+ Question Types

    Ask anything with over 35 question types. Choose from a variety of basic questions, like multiple choice, or advanced question types, like 3D matrix.

  • Expert Templates

    Save time by using a variety of fully customizable, pre-made survey templates designed by FluidSurveys experts. Everything you need to get started in seconds.

  • Question Banks

    Work faster by adding professional questions from our Question Bank into your survey, or save & re-use your own questions in the bank. Share these across surveys and teams.

  • Custom Formatting

    Personalize your surveys with custom formatting options. Make questions required or optional, add comment fields, randomize choices, change the question layout, and more!

  • Theme & Brand

    Customize the look of your survey with an easy-to-use styling tool. Choose a beautiful pre-built theme, use a point and click themer, or start from the ground up with advanced CSS editor capabilities.

  • Multi-Lingual

    Create multi-lingual surveys with the tools to edit and manage over 64 language versions. Bulk translation tools make it easy.

Collect data at every touchpoint.

Multi-mode data collection makes it easy to reach every respondent and maximize response rates. Send out your surveys online through web links, personalized email invitations, social media or website pop-ups, collect data through any mobile device or tablet, gather responses offline, or access targeted respondent panels.

  • Email Invitations

    Send secure, personalized survey invites to your contacts. Use our powerful email tool to schedule or automate emails, track response rates, send reminders, and manage contact lists.

  • FluidMobile

    Collect mobile responses through FluidSurveys’ app for Apple and Android devices, RFID scanners & QR codes. Surveys will dynamically adapt to every mobile device & screen size for a perfect survey-taking experience.

  • Custom Web Links & Social Media

    Use URLs to send surveys to your respondents for the fastest and easiest survey deployment method, and/or publish links directly on your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.)

  • Kiosk Mode

    Interact with customers and collect timely, in-person feedback with surveys optimized for offline use at tradeshows, kiosks, stores and exhibits.

  • Dynamic Pop-Ups

    Invite website visitors to participate in your survey with customizable popups. Brand the look & feel, and set the frequency, placement, timing, and more.

  • Embed On Your Site

    Collect responses directly on your website or blog by embedding your survey. Copy, paste and go!

  • Offline Capabilities

    No connection? No problem! Gather responses offline using any computer, tablet or mobile device and upload the data once the connection a re-established.

  • Data Segmentation

    Collect responses from multiple respondent segments (i.e. respondents in region A, B and C) or distribution channels with one survey to save time and effort.

  • Olark Integration

    Monitor and support respondents as they complete your survey with Olark’s live chat.

  • Collect Payments

    Collect payments from respondents with your survey using PayPal or Google Wallet. Cha-Ching!

  • User Portals

    Set up dedicated web portals for specific respondents, or respondent groups, where they can securely access and submit multiple surveys.

  • Cint Response Panels

    Get better, faster insight by purchasing survey responses with Cint OpinionHub’s 7.5 million profiled respondents.

Gain actionable insights from your collected data.

Data speaks volumes, and FluidSurveys makes it easy to extract valuable & actionable insights from your collected responses. Access the raw data, summarize everything with informative charts & graphs, dig deep with powerful filters, export to PDF, CSV, SPSS, and more.

  • Results in Real-Time

    Make decisions faster and smarter with real time results that let you analyze responses the second surveys are completed.

  • One-Click Reports

    Generate real-time, reports with beautiful charts and graphs. View aggregate data or compare questions using a variety of formats like pie charts, tables, bar charts and more.

  • FluidFilters

    For any report or export, view specific subsets of your data to uncover valuable insights. Save these highly customizable filters for reuse.

  • Response Triggers

    Set up alerts to notify you when respondents have answered questions in a particular way, so you can respond and make use of data immediately.

  • Text Response Analysis

    Measure open-ended text responses with text tagging, and visualize common text trends with built-in word clouds.

  • Response Viewer

    Drilling down into individual survey responses for granular level feedback is easy with clear table formats.

  • Data Exports

    Further analyze and store your data by downloading all your responses in CSV or SPSS.

  • Report Sharing

    With URLs, you can easily share your online reports with others. Password protection available!

Get Mobilized: Distribute surveys via mobile devices.

In today’s world, all digital channels converge on mobile devices, making it imperative for your survey solution to provide respondents with an engaging experience on any smartphone or tablet. FluidSurveys makes it easy to build, distribute & manage surveys that seamlessly adapt to any mobile device, allowing you to reach every respondent effectively.

  • FluidMobile Themes

    Use mobile-ready themes that’ll make surveys easy to use on any touchscreen. Larger interactive features: buttons, sliders, checkboxes and dropdowns are styled to reflect their touchability. Surveys will be engaging and beautiful on every device.

  • Smart Display

    Your survey’s layout will automatically & dynamically adapt to each respondent’s device. Fluid templates make sure all surveys function properly and look beautiful whether the survey is being taken on an Android smartphone, iPad tablet, Blackberry, or any other device.

  • Offline Collection

    Even in today’s internet age, it’s not always possible to have a Wifi or data connection. Luckily, FluidSurveys lets you collect data offline using any device, and everything is synced and uploaded once a connection is re-established.

  • Interactive Questions

    Make use of interactive question types designed to leverage mobile devices and collect data you never thought possible. Allow respondents to answer questions using their camera, submit video responses or process payments.

Expert support at your fingertips.

FluidSurveys is designed to be simple, intuitive & problem free. But we know that issues may arise. Maybe you’re on a tight deadline and can’t quite get a feature to work the way you need it, or can’t figure out where to find a specific question type. Luckily, our expert support staff is eager to help you, all day and every day.

  • 94%Customer Satisfaction

    We ask our customers to rate their experience after every interaction with our support team, and we’re always working to get this number higher.

  • Video Library

    Access an extensive video library with over 200 tutorials and how to guides. Follow the step by step instructions covering every aspect of FluidSurveys, and launch your project with ease.

  • Documentation

    Our documentation provides you with the tutorials you’ll need to use every aspect of FluidSurveys. You can also access our knowledge base to find answers to commonly asked questions.

  • Email

    Email support, 24/7.


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Industry leading safety & security.

  • Bank Grade SSL Security

    Your data and respondents are protected with enhanced login and survey encryption.

  • Redundant Servers & Firewalls

    Our servers are protected 24/7 with redundant servers, McAfee secure scans, and Firewalls.

  • Daily Back-Ups

    Every day your data is backed up and stored in a secure offsite location so in the event of a natural disaster, your data is safe.


Powerful integrations that’ll help you streamline your processes.

  • Salesforce Logo


    Take customer relationship management to a new level by sharing information between your Salesforce account and FluidSurveys. Personalize surveys, manage customer information, and gain valuable insights automatically.

  • Cint Logo

    CINT Opinion Hub

    Rapidly collect targeted responses using Cint’s OpinionHUB- the only insight marketplace made up of more than 7.5 million profiled respondents. Determine what kind of respondents you need, how many, and CINT will do the rest.

  • Freshbooks Logo


    Collect feedback and save time by setting up surveys to send automatically to your Freshbooks clients.

  • Olark Logo

    Olark Live Chat

    Monitor and support respondents as they complete your survey with Olark’s live chat.

  • Dropbox Logo


    With the click of a button, sync all your responses with Dropbox for an easy way to share and store data.

  • Zapier Logo


    Easily integrate FluidSurveys with a host of other applications on Zapier like Basecamp, Evernote, and more.