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2 Ways to Combat Negative Reviews Using FluidSurveys -Integrating Your Support Team with Your Survey!

Hey gang! Lately we have been discussing how to make the most out of your customer feedback surveys. With online surveying tools like FluidSurveys, the benefits of feedback can go well beyond the realm of traditional survey research goals, which focus on measuring insights and creating improvement strategies. Last time we took a look at using positive feedback for promoting your organization on third party review sites. In this article we’ll look at how to integrate your survey responses with your support team, so they can immediately address negative reviews or unhappy customers.

Combatting Negative Reviews

If you are used to conducting customer satisfaction surveys or Net Promoter Scores, you probably understand the value of customer loyalty and the power of having a customer base that will stand behind and recommend your product. Customers with low satisfaction or brand loyalty are not only in jeopardy of discontinuing their relationship with your company, but can also become poisonous to your organization’s growth and overall success.

For this reason, it is not only important to use negative feedback to find areas for improvement and focus your organization’s long term and short term goals. Instead, there is a lot to gain from addressing your unhappy clients’ issues immediately. If you can convert your negative responders at once, your customer loyalty and satisfaction will rise and with it your company’s reputation and success.

Integrating Your Survey with Your Support Team

Now that we know how important it is to reach out to clients and customers with negative feedback, let’s go over the two ways to use FluidSurveys to facilitate this process.

1) Using the Invite Tool

The invite tool gives you the advantage of having each respondent’s email address stored in your account’s metadata. With this information stored in the software, you can use the branching to automatically send the dissatisfied respondent’s email to your support team. This message will also contain the information they provide in the survey, so support can follow up already knowing the customer’s feedback.

To set this up, enter the advanced branching wizard, found in the page tab of the survey editor. From there select your satisfaction question under the ‘Rule Condition’ section and set your condition to ‘is one of’ and your responses as ‘Dissatisfied’ and ‘Very Dissatisfied.’ Then, under the ‘Rule Actions’ section, select ‘send email’:

Picture 1

Remember if you are using a net promoter, your conditions would instead be ‘0’ through to ‘6’ in order to send the email:

Picture 2

Now select the ‘Customize email’ button. This will present your email options:

Picture 3

By default the email’s message will provide most of the data needed already, like the respondent’s email address, name and a link to their survey responses. It is now necessary to add your support email in the ‘To’ field, and select ‘Include Response data’ and ‘Send on Survey Completion’ under ‘Advanced Options.’ This will ensure that the email includes all the information the customer provided in the survey.

Picture 4

2) Using a Validated Email Test Response Question

If you are not using the invite tool to collect responses, the software may not have the email information of each respondent already. In this case you will have to add a text response question at the end of your survey asking the respondent to leave their email address if they would like to be contacted by a member of your support team. Be sure to add an email validation to the text response question to prevent spam:

Picture 5

Now create the same branching rule and customized email as before. Except this time select your new question (the one shown above) as the ‘Rule condition’ and ‘has a response’ as your condition.

Picture 6

Now anyone who leaves an email will trigger a message to support, where your teammate can contact them as soon as possible.

Convert Your Negative Responders Today

Providing immediate support to your most disgruntled clients will not only show you care about their perspective, but allow you to grow customer loyalty and build stronger client relationships. So there is no excuse, integrate your client feedback survey with your support team and reap the rewards today! Using a customer support software tool, like Zendesk, and want to integrate it directly to FluidSurveys? Click here to learn how!

Don’t have a FluidSurvey’s account yet? Visit our pricing page to get started today!

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