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Gain More Insights with New Report Features

Now, find even more actionable insight with new and enhanced reporting features. In addition, we’ve made collaborating on reports even more secure and predictable.

Confidently Deploy Surveys with the New Testing Suite

Don’t be plagued by questions like: Did I ask the right questions? Or is my survey compatible on mobile devices? With FluidSurveys’ new testing suite, all these questions and more can be answered in seconds. This insight lets you make important revisions to ensure respondents have a great survey-taking experience, and that the data collected is in the most useful format.

Get the Right Feedback with New Questions

Don’t hack a question to work for your exact feedback needs. Instead, use these new question types to draw the correct conclusions and make informed decisions.

How the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Affects Email Surveys

Most businesses are aware of the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation that came into effect on July 1st. What is not so clear is how CASL affects email surveys. In this webinar, we cover key facts about CASL, whether you're affected, and how to successfully email respondents while complying with Canada's new anti-spam legislation.

The Power of Benchmarking Reports

Benchmark reports make it easy to compare one set of survey data to another, allowing you to quickly identify trends in your responses, spot differences, and more. In this instructional webinar, you'll learn how to easily create benchmark reports in FluidSurveys, how to use them to empower your responses, and we'll show you some powerful use cases. Don't miss out!

Superpower Your Surveys with Zapier

Learn how to easily connect and automate FluidSurveys with over 250 web apps! Easily connect your surveys to Mailchimp, Salesforce, Freshbooks, Gmail, Asana, Evernote, Zendesk, and more! You'll be able to work smarter and faster.

Exploring The Power of Respondent Portals

Learn about the power of respondent portals. Find out how to manage survey sharing when you have multiple surveys that you'd like your respondents to complete, and save hours of time!

Stay Organized & Collaborate with New Admin Features

FluidSurveys is introducing even more administrative features to enable you to work effectively with your organization. These additions will make collaborating with groups and department easy, and allow you to give co-workers and stakeholders more control over the resources that affect them.

Make Way for FluidSurveys v5.0!

FluidSurveys 5.0 has been released and has revolutionized the survey industry! Learn about all the new features in survey creation, distribution & analysis in this webinar.

The Secret to Getting the Right Respondents

Learn how to maximize the number of responses your survey receives using Cint Survey Panels, how to target the right respondent and make sure you get the data you need.