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The Web’s #1 Alternative to SurveyMonkey

You've found it! Create forms & questionnaires with the best online survey software. Get started in seconds!

FluidSurveys is the web’s easiest and most powerful online survey tool. Build engaging surveys, forms & polls in minutes, collect unlimited data in real-time, and analyze to uncover actionable insights. Everything you need for any type of research!


Tired of all of SurveyMonkey’s limitations?

Don’t let the ease of use fool you, FluidSurveys offers an advanced feature set allowing you to create even the most elaborate market research surveys. Advanced branching, piping, looping, extraction, randomization and quota management are easily implemented using a drag and drop interface. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, our online survey software can help you do it.

Looking for question types? We have them all.

A comprehensive selection of question types allows you to collect all the information you’re looking for. From basic multiple choice, single answer and text response to semantic differential, net promoter and 3D Matrix, you’ll be able to ask anything. You can also implement validation and allow files to be uploaded alongside responses. FluidSurveys is not just an alternative to Survey Monkey, it blows them out of the water!

Engage respondents.

Deploy your survey using a variety of means: create a custom URL, send personalized email invitations to contact lists, embed within a website, create pop-ups, generate QR codes or publish via social media. You’ll be able to gain feedback from respondents in a way that suits them.

Import your SurveyMonkey surveys into FluidSurveys in seconds!

Just upload your SurveyMonkey surveys in a Zip or CSV file into FluidSurveys when you click on New Survey. We’ll do the rest of the work for you!