Create Multiple Collectors

Collectors allow you to gather responses from multiple segments or sources simultaneously using a single survey.

A unique survey link can be created for each collector and a variety of different distribution channels can be used.

The responses can then be viewed per collector, or in aggregate.

A possible use case

A teacher may want to carry out an evaluation survey for each of her 3 classes. All of the questions will be the same, but she wants to be able to distinguish which class each respondent is in.

Instead of creating 3 separate surveys, she can simply construct one, along with 3 collectors: Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3. Each of these collectors will have a unique link, so she can then go ahead and send students in each class the link that applies to them.

All of the responses will be collected together, but she’ll also be able to view the responses per class, and even compare the responses between classes.

Here is a quick video tutorial to explain further:

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