Dropbox Integration


Our Dropbox integration allows you to sync your FluidSurveys account with your Dropbox. When this feature is enabled, a PDF copy of every completed response is automatically saved to your Dropbox.

Why is this useful?

This feature allows you to easily maintain a back-up of all of your responses. If you were to ever accidentally delete a response from your online database, you would still have a copy saved within your Dropbox.

It’s also a very easy way to share your responses with colleagues, without granting them access to your FluidSurveys account. You could give them permission to view the files within your Dropbox, and they’d be able to see all of the responses, but would not be able to see any of your other surveys.

How to:

Tools -> New Integration -> Dropbox -> Enter account info and sync -> Automations -> Set up an event and action -> presto!


Watch the how-to video:

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