Email Triggers


Email notifications can be sent out when a branching condition is met. The notifications can be emailed to the survey creator, or to a list of specified addresses.

For example, if a respondent answers that they are very unsatisfied with a service offering; an email can be triggered and sent out to the survey creator. The survey creator can then contact the unsatisfied individual immediately.

This tutorial does a good job explaining how:


Read the documentation for the email trigger to learn more.


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  • Great! Very helpfull Information, thank you.

  • Kent Waugh says:

    The text above notes “or to a list of specified addresses.” I would like to see what that function looks like.

    What is the extent of edits that can be made to the content of the email notification? Do you have full control over the look and feel of the notification email? As well, can you include select response data collected in the survey without it having bee used in the email trigger logic? That is a text question which has an explanation of the concern or issue.


    Kent Waugh