Group Open Ended Responses by Keyword

This feature allows you to categorize, or code, open ended responses gathered from your open ended questions and easily convert qualitative data into quantitative data. When respondents submit text answers, you’ll be able to view each response within analytics and will have the option of tagging it with a label. You’ll then be able to perform quantitative analysis on the responses.

When would this be useful?

Qualitative data can be difficult to analyze. Often times, you’ll have hundreds, or even thousands, of text responses that you need to interpret. With the ability to categorize open ended responses, you can sort through the data with ease and obtain an accurate snapshot of the results, in the form of charts, graphs and tables.

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  • Jbain says:

    How does one get to this option? Via reports or via responses? If via responses, how do you look at all of the responses to one question in order to code?

  • Colin Hall says:

    Can the coded responses be exported and included in the SPSS dataset?

  • Matthew says:

    Hello Colin,

    Unfortunately this category information set up via the text response reports would not transfer to the SPSS dataset.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our direct support e-mail at !