Hidden Fields

Hidden fields are questions that are only visible to the survey creator while editing the survey. They do not appear to respondents; however, the contents do appear in Analytics alongside responses.

Hidden fields can store existing information, trigger survey logic, etc.

A Possible Use Case

A survey creator might have a variety of information about their respondents already in their records, such as their name, age, phone number, etc. Since they already have this information, there’s no need to ask for it in the survey.

However, they may want to trigger survey logic based on some of this information. For example, show respondents in different age groups different questions.

They can now pipe information from their contact list into a hidden field(s), and then create a branching condition based on it. In this case, they could say: If hidden field is 18 years old, show Question 1.

To add a Hidden Field question, just go under Advanced Questions.

More information on our document.

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