How to Create a Facebook Survey with FluidSurveys

Hey gang! FluidSurveys is proud to announce its new Facebook tab feature! This great FluidSurveys function will allow users to implement a survey directly on their Facebook pages. This will allow your Facebook page visitors to fill out your survey without having to follow any links or open a new window. Essentially, this feature makes embedding your surveys on Facebook a relative breeze. Let me show you how this feature works so you can start surveying on Facebook today!

Publishing Your Survey on Facebook

The first step is to login to your FluidSurveys account and select the ‘Publish’ icon in your survey menu. You will be sent to the ‘Deployment’ tab, which will have a list of all the different publishing options. Near the bottom of the list you will find a heading entitled ‘Facebook’ with the option to ‘Add the FluidSurveys Facebook Tab to Your Page.’ This shown in the picture below:

Screen Shot 1

By clicking on this option, a new tab will be opened on your browser and ask you to login to your Facebook account. After doing so, a dialogue will appear asking you to select a Facebook page. It should look like this:

Screen Shot 2

Clicking on the drop box will reveal a list of your current Facebook pages. The page you select will have the FluidSurveys tab added to it. (Note: If you do not already have a Facebook page, you will not be able to add this Tab option.) Now when you open your Facebook page, you will notice a new tab which reads ‘FluidSurveys.’ Your page will look something like the picture below:

Screen Shot 3

By clicking on the FluidSurveys tab, you will go to the page that your survey will be embedded on. After selecting the Facebook ‘Login’ button you will be confronted with the following dialogue:

Screen Shot 4

By clicking ‘Okay,’ you will allow your FluidSurveys account to integrate with your Facebook account and be ready to use the new feature.

Using the FluidSurveys Tab

Now that your FluidSurveys tab is on your Facebook page and ready for you to manage, your screen will have several different fields under the heading ‘Choose which Survey to Display’:

Screen Shot 5

Let’s go over what each of these fields mean:

1) Survey: This field contains a dropdown box that allows you to choose from any of the surveys on your FluidSurveys account. The selected survey will be the one embedded into your Facebook page. (Note: You may only have one live survey on a Facebook page at any given time. However, you can continuously change the selected survey as many times as you like.)
2) Create Facebook Collector: This checkbox gives you the opportunity to create your own collector group for surveys answered on Facebook as opposed to other mediums. Let’s say the bulk of your respondents come from an emailing list, but you also want to receive responses from people visiting your Facebook page. By clicking this checkbox, your data collected on Facebook will be easily separable from the emailed responses in the Analysis section of your survey.
3) Save Settings: This button allows you to confirm your selection of survey and collector settings.
4) Preview: Under this field will be a preview of the embedded survey. This depicts how the survey will be viewed by visitors to your Facebook page.

With your desired survey selected and settings saved, respondents will be able to fill out your survey directly off their Facebook account by visiting your Facebook page. The picture below illustrates how a survey would look to a respondent:

Screen Shot 6

Get Started with Your Very Own Facebook Survey

Now you have the knowledge to make your own Facebook Survey, so what are you waiting for? Start receiving feedback and obtaining the information you need from your Facebook visitors. If you have not yet created your own FluidSurveys account, make one now by visiting our pricing page.

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