Import Responses


With this feature, you can import responses that were gathered offline directly into FluidSurveys, and proceed with any online analysis.

When could this be useful?

At times, you may need to conduct paper surveys. Perhaps you’d like to hand out questionnaires in a classroom, or maybe certain respondents don’t have access to internet access. Using FluidSurveys, you can export your survey to hard copy (PDF or .doc), have respondents fill it out manually, and then import responses back into the system and make use of our full suite of analytics tools. You could also merge the responses gathered offline with ones collected online, allowing you to conduct multi-mode surveys.

How to:
Simply go to Responses. Click on Action for the drop-down menu and select “Import Responses”.

You can find more relevant information in this video on editing responses:

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  • hayfa says:

    Hi Rafael,

    Thanks for the post. With the functionality that you’ve described, I may just be able to create a survey where participants can update their responses from last year.

    Unfortunately I don’t know how to use the CSV template provided. In Excel, it appears as one long string in the first cell. I can see where the various variables start and end but am not sure how I would fill in my own data.

    Can you please explain how I could use the CSV template?