Multi-User Collaborative Environment

FluidSurveys offers a multi-user environment that makes it easy for individuals to collaborate on projects. With permission based sharing, users can work together on various aspects of their surveys from the same room, or from across the globe.

Surveys and questions can be copied between accounts, results can be shared, and responsibilities can be delegated. For example, you could create a survey and give Susan in Delaware the permission to add & edit questions, while giving Tom in Vancouver the ability to view and analyze responses. There’s no limit on the number of people that can work together.

With a multi-user collaborative environment, FluidSurveys can help you improve the quality and timeliness of your surveys, manage workflows, reduce duplicated efforts and increase efficiency.

How to:

On the right hand corner, you will see your profile name, click on the drop down menu from there and go to “Manage Users”. Once there, you are free to “Add User”, which is a button on the top right. Remember, this person would need to have an account already. For more information, just contact us at

This feature is available for users on the Enterprise plan.

** Please note that in order to use the Role Management feature, each user must hold an Enterprise license.

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