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3 Types of Survey Research, When to Use Them, and How they Can Benefit Your Organization!

Most research can be divided into three major categories; exploratory, descriptive and causal. Learn the differences between each type and how they can be used to benefit your organization!

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Webinar: How the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Will Affect Email Surveys

On July 1st, the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation came into effect and has been all the buzz for companies that participate in mass emailing. There has been a lot of debate among the internet community on exactly how this will…

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2 Ways to Combat Negative Reviews Using FluidSurveys -Integrating Your Support Team with Your Survey!

Learn how to get more out of your online survey research. This article shows how you can integrate your support team with your satisfaction surveys in order to immediately address negative responses and build a more positive relationship with clients and customers!

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8 Year-Old Market Researchers? -3rd Grade Teacher Uses FluidSurveys to Educate Class on Community Outreach and Data Analysis

Hello Fluid Users! Today we want to highlight an incredible case study of our online software tool. In this story, our star is Christy P. Novak, an educator and advocate for technology in the classroom for the past 14 years.…

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Using Redirection in Your Surveys

Survey redirection allows you to send your respondents to a webpage of your choice at any point during their questionnaire completion process. It is an excellent option for people creating surveys with panel management companies. Beyond this, you can return…

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Get More Out of Your Feedback! Turn Positive Survey Responses into Third Party Company Recommendations

Online review sites have become more and more popular and relied on for advice on consumer's daily decisions. This fact has made it a top priority for businesses to get their positive reviews out there on third party web sites. Read this article to learn how to convert your customer feedback survey's most enthusiastic respondents into online recommendations for your company.

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Webinar: Designing Effective Mobile Surveys

Hey gang! Yesterday, Sean O’Dacre and I had the pleasure of conducting a webinar discussing how to design a mobile friendly survey and why incorporating mobile respondents is so important in today’s research projects. Don’t worry if you missed it…

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Know How to Reach Your Customers! Learn How to Deploy Your Customer Satisfaction Survey

Every company is different. Each offers unique products, services, and information through a multitude of mediums. The one thing you can be sure of: all organizations can benefit from client feedback.

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Great News! FluidSurveys is Joining the SurveyMonkey Family!

Today is a very exciting day for everyone here at FluidSurveys! We are thrilled to announce that we’ve joined forces with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading online survey platform! It’s been an amazing journey so far, and we can’t wait for…

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Presenting Your Rating Scales -Numbered versus Worded Lists

Ever wonder when it is better to number your rating scales' categories or use worded scale descriptors like satisfaction or Importance? Read this article to learn the strengths and weaknesses of both a number scale and word scale, and implement it in your own surveys today!

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