Randomize Order of Questions within a Page

Sometimes you may want to show the questions in a page in a different order every time the survey is viewed. This is useful when you have a series of questions that may cause some bias if asked in a certain order. With FluidSurveys, you can also randomize the order in which the choices appear in a given section of your survey.

How to Use: By going to the “page options” section on any page of your survey, you can select a checkbox that will enable the randomization of the questions on that given page. Unselecting this option will not change the order that the questions appear in for each respondent (i.e. the questions will appear in the same order as they currently do on your editor).

Watch this video tutorial for instructions:


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Aydin Mirzaee

Aydin is currently the Co-CEO of Fluidware where he spends his time focused on product strategy, marketing and growth for the company's FluidSurveys (http://fluidsurveys.com) and FluidReview (http://fluidreview.com) products. Aydin co-founded Fluidware in 2008 and since then it has grown to become a market leader with customers in over 80 countries.
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