Save Custom Filters


When viewing your responses (either through the response viewer or in a report), you can create filters to drill down and view specific data. You can filter responses by how a survey taker responds to particular questions, a date range, collectors, etc.

Often times, there are really specific things you’re looking for in your data. For example, you may only want to view responses that were submitted by males. Filters allow you to narrow down the data that is shown, so you don’t have to weed through unneeded information.

Filters can be created based on one, or multiple, conditions. For example, you could create a filter to view responses from females between the ages of 18-24 from Florida. As long as you ask the questions, you can create filters based on them.

Filters can be saved within your account an can be applied in the response viewer, any of your reports, or when exporting responses.

Check out this video tutorial on report filters for more information:
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