Scores can be assigned to question choices. These scores are than tallied as the survey respondent answers questions in the survey, and can be viewed in Analytics.

You can also give respondents instant feedback of their total score by inserting a Score Display question type into the survey.

For example, in a quiz, correct answer choices could be scored as 1, while incorrect answer choices could be scored as a 0. At the end of the quiz, a Score Display question type could be included and the respondent would see how many correct answers they submitted (their overall score).

Here is a great overview of this option:

For the documented version, click here.

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  • Jay says:

    Does this work to redirect a respondent to a different web page according to their answers?

  • It seems, the Free version list “Scoring” as an available features. However the “Scoring Display” needs at a minimum the Pro-Version as it requires at list a 2-page survey as you can’t place the Score Display on the same page as the questions. Multi-page surveys are only available for Pro plans and higher.

    What are the use cases for scoring on a Free Plan, if the score can’t be communicated to the survey taker?