Skipping to a Question in Your Survey


Skipping is a very useful survey feature that will allow you to send a respondent to a given section of the survey based on their responses to a given question or even series of questions. For example, if you are conducting a survey amongst students and teachers, you may want to ask the teachers questions that are slightly different from what you ask the students. If one of the questions that you were to ask was “Are you a student or a teacher?”, then you could send the respondent to a specific page on the survey based on their response to that question. By default, skipping destinations are specified as pages. In other words, you can send people to a given page based on their answers to prior questions. You can also send respondents to a given question by including only one question on the destination page.

Read more about skipping in our documentation.

Watch this video tutorial on skipping to a question:

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