Survey Logic

Basic Branching

Using Basic Branching you can jump respondents to a specific page based on one of their previous answers.

For example, if someone answers that they enjoy drinking soda, you can skip them directly to the page containing additional questions about soda. Using basic branching, you can assure that respondents don’t see questions that do not apply to them.

Basic Branching is available on Pro, Ultra and Enterprise plans.

Advanced Branching

Using Advanced Branching, you can trigger a variety of actions based on one, or several, of a respondent’s previous answers:

  • Jump respondents to a specific page.
  • Jump respondents to a random page.
  • Show a specific question.
  • Hide a specific question.
  • Disable a specific question.
  • Re-direct to an outside URL.
  • Send an email to a list of individuals.
  • Mark the survey as complete.
  • Terminate the survey.

For example, if a respondent answers that they enjoy drinking soda and eating cake, you could have a set of additional questions show up asking them to provide more information, on that same page.

Advanced Branching is available on Ultra and Enterprise plans.


Piping allows you to populate a question title, description or choice with information from a previous question or the invite file.

For example, if a respondent answers that they like “Brand A”, you could ask “What do you like most about Brand A?” as a follow up.

Piping is available starting on Ultra and Enterprise plans.


Looping allows you to automatically ask a series of questions based on your respondents’ previously selected options.

For example, if you asked respondents, “Which of these soft drinks have you tried?” and they selected Coke and Pepsi, you could automatically ask them a follow-up question about both Coke and Pepsi.

Looping is available on Ultra and Enterprise plans.


Extraction allows you to populate the choice options of one question based on the choices that were selected in a previous question.

For example, you could ask respondents which books they’ve read from a set in one question, and then include a follow-up question asking them which was their favourite, but only have the “read” books show up as choices.

Extraction is available on Ultra and Enterprise plans.

Question Based Quotas

With question based quotas, you can set a response limit on a per question basis. For example, you could limit a question to 50 responses, and then have it disappear once the quota’s been reached.

Question based quotas are available on Ultra and Enterprise plans.

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