Unconditional Skip Logic


Unconditional skips are important since they allow you to send someone to another page of the survey in all cases. This is particularly useful when you are setting up a branching sequence. For example, based on someone’s answers to question 1, you may want to either have them complete pages 2-5 of the survey or pages 6-9 of the survey. Once the respondent has completed either of those page ranges, you would like to send them to page 10 of the survey. In this case, what you would do is set an unconditional skip on both page 5 and page 9 indicating that the respondent should unconditionally be sent to page 10 of the survey.

An unconditional skip is a property of a survey page. On any page of your survey go to the “options” tab and then set the unconditional skip options from there. There is a dropdown menu on the tab that will allow you to specify which page of the survey you would like to send the respondent to.

Watch this video tutorial on skipping:

Click here for more  skipping.

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