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Webinar: How the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Will Affect Email Surveys

On July 1st, the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation came into effect and has been all the buzz for companies that participate in mass emailing. There has been a lot of debate among the internet community on exactly how this will affect online surveying, especially when sending invites via email. FluidSurveys wants to cut through the paperwork and give you all the information you need to set your mind at ease.

Last Tuesday, July 22, FluidSurveys hosted a webinar explaining CASL and its effect on online surveys. During the webinar we go over:

  • Key facts about CASL
  • How to know whether you will be affected
  • How to email respondents in accordance to Canada’s anti-spam regulations

Check out a video recording of the action below:

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