FluidSurveys is no longer offering access, signups or payments to its service as of December 15, 2017.

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Currently Open Position: Django/Python Rockstar Developers

Fluidware is an Ottawa based Software as a Service company focused on building internet applications that empower feedback.

We have customers in over 40 Countries and from all walks of life including Gov’t, Fortune 500 Companies, Colleges & Universities, Non-Profits, … Every day customers use our software to gather important data to make business critical decisions and we’re proud to be here to make it all possible.

We have 2 Kick-Ass Internet Software Products:

FluidSurveys is an online survey application that is used to create beautiful dynamic forms, collect data & analyze the results.

ReviewRoom allows organizations to accept and review online application submissions for grants, scholarships, awards, loans, etc…

2 minute video explaining RR:

You should apply if you are a…

  • Rockstar Django/Python Developer that lives and breathes internet applications and loves smart + clean code.
  • Friend of Javascript and you really understand it’s mechanics.
  • Team player that wants to work with an incredibly smart and talented team of Ottawa’s best software developers.
  • Guru with at least 3 years of web application development experience – this doesn’t have to be at a full-time job but can include projects that you’ve done for fun on the side or even freelance work.
  • Person who takes initiative. When you see something that you think would be cool to do or that would improve the product, do it – rather than say “it would cool if…” & “we should do that someday”…

We’d love it if you…

Had also contributed to an open-source project before…
Have for-fun / side projects that you’ve done and can talk about – we’ll definitely ask about these.

What to expect?

  • Super dynamic agile environment.
  • You’ll be joining a fast growing team.
  • None of the following: bureaucracy, useless meetings, pointless documentation.
  • All of the following: Agile + test driven development, super relaxed environment, flexible hours, challenging / meaningful / customer facing work daily.
  • We’ve banned the use of the words “can’t” and “I don’t know” at the office 🙂 We’re all about doing.

What is the real reason you should work here?

You’re passionate about building a great product and you want to be part of the selected few that join this startup to see the dynamics, witness the ride first hand and be part of the core team that has a hand in writing the history of this epic journey.

How to Apply?

Send Your Resume + Cover Letter to