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Welcome to the
Healthy Brain Score Assessment 

With this tool, you will find out how well you are nourishing your brain. It will help you assess your Food intake, Emotional Stress, Sleep, Physical Activity/Fitness, Cognitive Exercise, Gastrointestinal health and Blood Sugar handling symptoms.  Each of these categories (or pillars) of health has been shown through research to contribute to brain health, dementia, and Alzheimer's.

The goal is to find any problem and fix it before it causes damage of dysfunction that interferes with you living your life fully.

What information do I need to complete the questionnaire?

  • Specifically, what you ate over the last week, and generally, over the last month.
  • You will answer questions related to all the categories of health mentioned above. 
Time to Complete:
  • about 25 minutes, the first time you take it
How will I get my score?
  • You will see it immediately at the end of the questionnaire online , and you will receive an email with the details.
What do I do with my score?
  • If you live nearby, we have many options to support your success through more detailed assessments and coaching assistance.  After you receive your score, get in touch with us.
  • If you live far away, we are regularly uploading more support material onto our website.  You will receive links to this each time you finish your Healthy Brain Assessment.  Some of this is free, and some of it is for a small charge. 

I hope you get a lot of value out of this.  We always appreciate your comments, ideas,  suggestions, and success stories.  Enjoy.

Dr. Jay Hobbs of Synergy

**Important Note:  If you do't get to finish this assessment and lose your place for some reason, email us to ask for the link to your info. so you don't have to restart it.

Disclaimer: This questionnaire, the score, and the recommended resources, supplements, activities, and programs are not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. They are meant for informational purposes only.

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