Review of the effectiveness of the Financial Mechanism under the Stockholm Convention

This survey has been sent to all developing country parties and parties with economy in transition, developed country parties to the Stockholm Convention on Persistant Organic Pollutants, and some international organizations, in order to inform the Fourth Review of the Financial Mechanism prior to the COP 8th meeting in May 2017.

Contributions from all Parties and organizations are strongly encouraged to ensure the consideration of their views in the review process of the Financial Mechanism.

The survey includes questions on the Financial Mechanism activities from August 2012 to July 2016, and should take approximately 20-30min to answer. It will be open for submissions from June 7th to August 31st 2016.

This survey is complementary to the questionnaire for submission of information on ways to support the Stockholm Convention pursuant to decision SC-7/18, that has been disseminated by the Convention Secretariat.

In what capacity are you filling this survey?