Human Rights Citizen Video Assessment Tool

A step-by-step guide to systematically assess citizen video from YouTube for use in research and advocacy.
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This step-by-step guide will assist human rights researchers to systematically assess citizen videos that depict potential human rights violations. It integrates best practices of citizen video authentication and brings the myriad of required verification steps into one, linear format.

At the end of the guide, users will be able to download the collected information as a pdf or word document, which can be saved together with the assessed video, or shared with other researchers or experts to aid with further investigations.

Please note that this assessment tool is geared towards YouTube videos. However, the basic steps and methodologies used here can be applied to any video.

For additional help, please click the (?) for screenshots, or the “How To” link for detailed tutorials provided by the Citizen Evidence Lab.

First things first: Have you archived the video you are assessing?

Videos on YouTube - or in fact entire channels - regularly disappear from YouTube, making any potential evidence useless for future human rights research or advocacy if not preserved. Before moving on, please consider saving the video - for the purpose of preservation only.

How To: Dowloading and Preserving Videos

More Information: Activists' Guide to Archiving Video (WITNESS)