Family Checklist


The Family Checklist has 10 questions. Answer each question in a way that you believe best describes your family right now. After you have finished, you’ll receive feedback and suggestions for ways to build even stronger, happier relationships.

Key 1: Talking and Listening

1. Do family members talk openly and honestly with each other?

Key 2: Expressing Feelings

2.  Do family members let feelings out and express them in helpful, constructive ways?

Key 3: Adapting to Change

3.  Do family members offer love and support when someone makes a mistake?

Key 4: Sharing Time Together

4.  Do family members have fun, quality time together?

Key 5: Who's In Charge

5.  Do the children follow rules and act respectfully with parents and other adults?

Key 6: Closeness and Distance

6.  Do family members find a healthy balance between time spent together and time spent apart in independent activities?

Key 7: Accepting Differences

7.  Do family members allow each other to have different perspectives and opinions and to voice them openly?

Key 8: Seeing the Positive

8.  Do family members try to see the positive aspects of life more than complaining about the negative?

Key 9: Making Decisions

9.  Does your family face problems head on and make decisions before they become crises?

Key 10: Parenting Together

10.  Whether parents are together or not, do they work as a team when it comes to parenting decisions, providing a model of love and respect?