OD150 Survey (EN)

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To participate in this survey, a company must:

  1. have a Canadian headquarters;
  2. use open data; and
  3. earn revenue.
Who should complete the survey?
Any employee of a company that meets the above criteria can complete the survey, but we ask that only one survey be submitted per company.

Why should you complete the survey?
We want to help connect companies with open data sources in Canada, and in order to help our advocacy efforts we're building the first comprehensive list of Canadian companies using open data. Canada's Open Data Exchange was founded in 2015 with funding from Canada's Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.

What will be shared?
Basic company information will be shared publicly on the OD150 website, similar to those found here.

Great!...but what's in it for me?
As a thank-you, the first 150 distinct companies to participate will receive a metallic gold finish “Data is the new gold" 8GB USB stick full of exciting resources.

Section 1: Company Information

1.7 Business Model

1.8 Which of the following are significant sources of revenue for your company?

Please select all that apply.

1.9 How important is open data to your company?