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FluidSurveys is no longer offering access, signups or payments to its service as of December 15, 2017.

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FluidSurveys makes connecting with your customers easy through our intuitive and powerful survey software. Get started in seconds!

Fast, Simple, Powerful

Constantly searching for the best way to send your survey to your customers? FluidSurveys has the fastest and easiest ways. Firstly and most recognizably, you can create your own customized link to your survey to send via e-mail. You just copy and paste it into an e-mail from your personal/business e-mail account and send it out individually. Secondly, FluidSurveys has created an amazing and innovative invite tool to send your survey to your participants automatically with your customized survey URL. To do this you simply input your e-mail so our software can import your contact list. FluidSurveys is extremely compatible with many e-mail providers to make it easier for you to send out your survey.

Our software makes it so simple for you to send out your survey. Perhaps you have a large number of respondents you wish to have complete your survey. Making use of the FluidSurveys invite tool provided with our software is beneficial for achieving the highest response rate possible. Not only does the invite tool allow you to invite numerous people to take your survey but, you can also send out reminders to your participants before your deadline just to remind them to take your survey if they have not yet done so. You can even keep track of individual respondents’ answers.

Multi-Mode Surveys

Export hard copies of your survey, and then upload the responses collected offline back into the system. You can easily run multi-mode surveys and reach offline respondents, while still making use of analytics online.

Multilingual Surveys

Multi-language enabled, FluidSurveys lets you create surveys in as many languages as you’d like. You can translate everything in one interface, so there’s no need to jump back and forth between different survey versions. This makes creating a questionnaires and surveys in multiple languages really fast, and really easy.

SPSS Export

Responses are pre-coded and easily exported into SPSS, or any other advanced analytics software. Save hours upon hours of time as the intensive task of coding data is already done. Responses can be exported with the click of a button, and you can be analyzing in a matter of seconds!

Email invitations

Send out personalized email invitations & reminders to respondents, and track the response status of each.
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Mobile & tablet ready

Download an HTML5 version of your survey and collect data offline, or send out your survey via QR code.
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Enterprise features

Multi-user accounts with collaboration tools & complete white label and re-brandable solutions.
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