Conducting Gap Analysis with a Matrix Question

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The matrix is a feature used within our survey software that is very helpful for conducting gap analysis. It allows for different variables in question to be placed as competitors within a survey. Gap analysis is very important because of its ability to give the survey providers an opportunity to evaluate the differential between one set of variables versus another and then improve on them. For example, if you wanted to know which type of cookies were your customer’s favourites based on their taste and cost, using a side-by-side matrix would be your best bet.

The gap analysis matrix is very relevant when surveying customer opinions and so FluidSurveys has focused a great amount of time on developing the matrix to preform effectively for all of our customers needs. The matrix will allow for an accurate graph of the information collected from your survey and to realize the areas which need improvement.

Try out a sample Matrix question:

See a video Tutorial on how to use the Matrix:

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