ROAM Survey

Please help us understand how the Report on Accessible Media (ROAM) has helped you understand accessible video and media provision in Ontario's university libraries by completing this short survey. If you have not yet seen the report you can find it at:

This survey has 12 questions and should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Your privacy will be respected. Survey responses will be anonymized and will help us assess the effectiveness of this report. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Please identify your role within your organization

How did you hear about ROAM?

Is your job directly related to accessibility?

Did you find the ROAM report useful?

Considering the statement below, does this report deliver what OCUL set out to do?

ROAM aims to:

  • identify a range of service options available to Ontario's university libraries to ensure fair and equitable access to video collections held at university libraries across the province
  • provide a detailed analysis of potential costs and benefits of a variety of approaches to video captioning and delivery of accessible media educational materials
  • provide clarity on sharing video captioning under Canadian law
  • assist Ontario Universities in becoming AODA compliant and serving students and faculty most effectively
To review the project outline, please visit the OCUL website:

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