Sharing Our Wisdom: A Gender Diverse Project with a Focus on Trans

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Project Name: Sharing Our Wisdom: A Gender Diverse Project with a focus on Trans

The Project Background:
Our project is intended to learn more about how Indigenous Trans/ Gender Diverse people who are living with or affected by HIV/HCV and co-infection are impacted and what this means in terms of providing appropriate supports and services. We also want to identify important features and provide communities with Indigenous-specific recommended solutions towards the development of programmatic intervention models that address and support the Trans/ Gender Diverse community living with or affected by HIV/HCV and co-infection. Incorporating the principles of GIPA (Greater Involvement of People with HIV and AIDS) and “nothing about us, without us”. The project has two main outputs. First, developing a nation-wide working committee of Indigenous Trans/Gender Diverse people to provide input regarding key issues impacting them well into the future and a report moving forward previous recommendations and newly identified priorities through both a regional and national lens. Integrated in this work is a holistic Indigenous worldview, which engages the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person. As we work at both regional and national levels, it is with the intention of sharing our gained wisdom with Indigenous world communities for the purpose of learning from one another, strengthening each other on our journeys and creating “safe, nurturing and supportive environments” that will address the unique needs of this population. You are invited to participate by completing this on-line survey.

What will happen in the on-line survey? You will be asked a series of questions designed to describe informal and/or formal programs, services and supports that you know about for Trans/ Gender Diverse people living with HIV/HCV or co-infection You will also be asked to provide basic information about yourself so we can describe who participated in our survey but all of the information will remain anonymous. You can quit the survey at any time if you do not want to complete it. If you do so, the information from your incomplete survey will be removed. If you choose to end the survey before it is fully completed, the data will not be uploaded. However, once you have submitted the survey, you will not be able to withdraw your data. You will have an option at the end of the survey to participate in a draw for $50.00. Any contact information you provide for the purpose of the draw will be separated from the rest of your answers and will not be included in the analysis of the on-line survey. It will be removed from the survey software and stored separately. Only the person selected by the draw will be contacted. Otherwise, we will not use the information for any further contact regarding this study. You can still enter the draw if you decide to withdraw part way through the survey.

What will happen to the information I provide? The information you provide will be used to contribute to a report about the informal and formal programs, services and supports for Indigenous Trans/ Gender Diverse people in Canada. The data will be stored in a locked filing cabinet or on a password-protected computer and will be destroyed in 5 years.

If you have any questions about this project, you can contact me by email or by phoning collect: Arthur “Dave” Miller CAAN Sharing Our Wisdom Project Coordinator (902) 433-0900 ext 226