School Garden Survey

What is the name of your project?

Question 2

Where is your project located?

Question 3

Why was your project initiated and what issues does it address or celebrate? Select all that apply.

How do you care for your garden when school is not in session (200 words max)?

Question 6

Do you use your project to grow food?

Question 7

If you do grow food, please estimate the number of pounds/year:

What has been your greatest area of accomplishment/success and why (200 words max)?

What major challenges have you encountered in your project (200 words max)?

Question 10

What type of support(s) would be helpful from the Imagine A Garden In Every School Campaign? Select all that apply.

Question 11

Policy change/action plans you would find most useful. Please select your all that apply:

Question 12

School Gardens are sprouting up all over Ontario and we want to add your program to the map! Can we add your school garden to our map? To view our map, click here.

Can we contact you if we have follow-up questions? If so, please provide your details below.